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CDG: The Why and The How

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Doing Good: The Definition

There isn’t a platform for cannabis companies doing good to tell their story or be recognized for the impact their making. Or for companies who aspire to do good, to see examples of what it could look like. Our version of good aims to capture all the ways the cannabis sector is driving positive political, social and economic impact. Provide 1 million meals to your local community? Educate on the real risks and benefits of medical cannabis? You champion workers rights? You hire equitably? All Cannabis Doing Good. We haven’t even scratched the surface of the good this industry is creating. BUT, we need your help.

Why It Matters: The Opportunity

In just a short time, CDG has amassed an incredible amount of social capital. This is in large part due to the network and authenticity of its founders, kindColorado and PufCreativ. Two agencies, dedicated to building community relationships, pioneering social responsibility and creating robust storytelling throughout the digital world. How do we use our social capital? We leverage our relationships with city leaders, business owners, license holders, patients, nonprofit executives and community advocates to create a network of engaged thought-leaders, with the goal of sharing meaningful stories about the cannabis industry and creating neutral access for those interested in the cannabis space.

Partnering with CDG gives you immediate access to our network, 30 years in the making, and to the trust we’ve built within every corner of our community. Relationship, trust and tangible impact are the currency of the cannabis sector. Partner with us and multiply your goodwill among consumers and the community.

Cannabis Doing Good: The Mission

Cannabis doing good is a platform to create opportunities for cannabis and communities to collaborate, to inspire new ways of people, planet and business engagement, and to showcase companies doing good. With you, we can do do this several ways -

  • • Online digital campaign aimed at capturing individuals and businesses’ stories of doing good. We will be dismantling Drug War propaganda, one story, one video, at a time. Have a good story to tell - share with it us! (link to instructions).
  • • Cannabis Doing Good Socials that bring communities and cannabis together. Every CDG Social our network and our list, expands, our definition of good evolves and the charity we’ve partnered with gets more support for the good they do. You can sponsor a social or just attend and enjoy the good time. Our next one is coming up in February - sign-up for our email list and get the exclusive invite! (link to website)
  • • Cannabis Doing Good Awards. There isn’t a platform for companies doing good to tell their story or be recognized for the impact their making. Or for companies who aspire to do good, to see examples of what it could look like. So, we’ve created the Cannabis Doing Good Awards to be launched this upcoming fall at a large-scale cannabis industry charity Gala (co-hosted by us, of course). Stay tuned for details.
  • • “Powered by” Cannabis Doing Good events and programs. These are opportunities for brands, initiatives, films or agencies to access our network and leverage our social capital for the benefit of growing support and earning trust for their own mission, cause or project. You get access to our community and industry lists, a platform using your event to support a local charity, and digital promotion on our all our socials. Want your next event to be “powered by CDG”? Email us and let’s get the conversation going.