1. Membership Agreement

As a Cannabis Doing Good member there are but a few simple guidelines based on the principles of mutual respect. 

  1. I will respect Cannabis Doing Good’s intellectual property rights. I will not do anything that will damage Cannabis Doing Good’s intellectual property rights. 
  2. I will not use or share any intellectual property shared on the Cannabis Doing Good platform outside of its intended use and will abide by the Cannabis Doing Good platform’s Terms of Use. 
  3. I will uphold my commitments to racial justice, environmental justice, community benefit, and inclusivity as outlined in the Cannabis Code.
  4. I will continually commit to anti-racism, environmental stewardship, and community care.  
  5. I will lean into shame resilience, compassion, and vulnerability when interacting with the CDG Community and its team. 


We believe in reciprocity as the basis of all healthy relationships and systems. Cannabis Doing Good commits to protecting and respecting our members.

  1. We respect and value your privacy and will protect your personal and business information as described in our Privacy Policy. Except as stated in the Privacy Policy, we will not share personal or business information (i.e. listing in our Business and Vendor Directory) without your consent.
  2. We respect and value the intellectual property of all CDG members, facilitators, and affiliates.
  3. We will not share the intellectual property of any CDG member, facilitator, or affiliate without express consent.
  4. We will continually commit ourselves to anti-racism.
  5. We will lean into shame resilience, compassion, and vulnerability when interacting with you and your team.

2. The Cannabis Code

The What

The Cannabis Code aims to organize our industry around good intention and necessary action. By signing The Cannabis Code you enter into a constellation of Good and intentional commitment to uphold impactful best business practices. Too often the aspirations of racial justice, environmental reverence, and community benefit lack practical application. The Cannabis Code is our courageous, yet humble effort, to dream big and influence change.  Join us by signing on to this simple set of principles and check out Cannabis Doing Good for additional resources for implementing Good in the workplace. 

The Why

We understand the sordid history of the War on Drugs and the weaponization of cannabis. A weapon used then and now to de-power Black and brown communities. We understand the Earth’s resources are finite beyond human ingenuity and that we must make different choices to create circular economic models. We understand that whole communities must benefit from positive cultural reciprocity.

As we work together to dissolve the legacy of extractive capitalism and patriarchy and move towards a system of equity and inclusion that fosters conscious capitalism, we must lay new and lasting foundations in thought and deed. Together we can build an accountable and purpose-driven cannabis community that upholds racial, community and environmental justice. Together we can build an industry that Does Well by Doing Good.

Racial Justice Commitment: 

I commit to supporting Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) businesses by leveraging my business dollar, community, and expertise. I demonstrate this commitment through meaningful partnership, mentorship, and collaboration. 

I commit to being an anti-racist company by:

  • Educating myself and my teams on oppression and racism through courses, trainings, and other modalities
  • Actively integrating anti-racist recruitment and hiring policies
  • Building an internal culture of anti-racist accountability 
  • Seeking vendors, distributors, and business partners that are BIPOC-owned or led and when not available, forging partnerships with companies committed to anti-racist practices
  • Supporting organizations deeply rooted in community changemaking for the BIPOC community
  • Supporting (through criminal legal reform, community safety, etc.) cannabis policies (and related policy) at the local, state, and federal levels

I commit to utilizing my consumer power to purchase cannabis and cannabis-related products created, manufactured, and produced by BIPOC-owned and led companies.

For additional tactical and strategic steps please see M4MM’s More Than A Moment Call to Action.

Environmental Justice Commitment:

I commit to operating ethically and responsibly, prioritizing repair to the planet and regenerative practices, as well as reducing waste and pollutants. I recognize that environmental repair is inextricably connected to racial equity. Environmental justice is racial justice.

I commit to being a sustainable company by:

  • Finding meaningful ways to support BIPOC
  • Minimizing waste (packaging) sent to landfills and waste water systems by diverting biodegradable waste to composting (or other landfill deferred systems), whenever possible
  • Maximizing our recycling and repurposing efforts and regenerative practices
  • Purchasing from local producers or others who practice sustainability
  • Supporting organizations championing environmental justice and sustainability efforts that may nurture, repair, and create a thriving planet through time, talent, and/or treasure
  • Tracking, benchmarking, and reporting environmental performance, including carbon emissions and other impacts particular to your business
  • Educating and/or engaging consumers regarding sustainability within the cannabis industry

I commit to utilizing my consumer power to purchase sustainably-produced cannabis and cannabis-related products and prioritizing sustainable and regenerative practices whenever possible.

Community Benefit Pledge:

I commit that my business will benefit the communities in which we operate, and those that built the cannabis market with great cost, by supporting community-led efforts to solve community challenges (food insecurity, homelessness, mental health, access to medicine).

  • I commit to supporting community organizations who champion the following through time, talent, and/or treasure. (This is not an inclusive list nor intended to encourage support of all these topic areas, rather a suggestion of the types of organizations and missions that most meet community needs).
    • Equity and Racial Justice Initiatives 
    • Criminal Justice Reform/Restorative Justice
    • Food security/Fresh food access
    • Homelessness prevention/Affordable housing/land trusts
    • Harm Reduction/Substance Abuse Treatment/Prevention
    • Women’s Issues
    • LGBTQIA issues
    • Mental Health/Wellness
    • Health Education 
    • Veterans 
    • Senior Services
    • Disaster Relief
    • Policy and Advocacy

I commit to using my power as a company involved in advocacy, activism, or community affairs to promote social benefit for the broader community (outside of cannabis). 

No one’s humanity is debatable. I commit to living by these words and creating inclusive culture for all races, creeds, genders, abilities, ages, sexual orientations, and beyond.

3. Sign + Date

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