We build a socially responsible and racially just cannabis sector

Looking for social impact, ESG, or corporate social responsibility support? We offer robust consulting services and an intentional network of subject matter experts to meet your impact business needs. We serve nationally and internationally and offer a la carte workshops to support your Good. Get In Touch to schedule a free 30 minute consultation.

Working Together

Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies

  • Strategy Development, Metrics + Timeline, Implementation and CSR Annual Report
  • Employee Culture, Recruiting and Hiring, and Staff Engagement
  • Community Partner Criteria, Selection, and Program Planning

Sustainability + ESG Reporting

  • Review sustainability initiatives or industry requirements and create an intersectional business strategy
  • Provide plans on waste reduction, renewable energy sources and simplifying workplace environment
  • Host employee education and cross-functional committees

Racial Equity + DEI Programs and Trainings

  • Personalized and facilitated training for leadership and staff
  • Customized next steps for implementing an anti-oppression framework
  • Equity review for HR, communications and marketing, and organizational policies

Employee + Customer Engagement Initiatives

  • Assess and support company culture and development
  • Activate staff towards community involvement and volunteer opportunities
  • Ensure management and communication are fostering a healthy and effective workplace

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Our Clients

Most cannabis companies want to do good, but don’t often have a clear strategy for how. We also find many community organizations or nonprofits are interested in cannabis partnership but don’t know where to begin. Our clients range from cannabis businesses in many stages of growth to nonprofits with little experience in the cannabis sector. See below for a list of some of our partners.